God Created Your Voice To Be A Powerful Expression Of His Heart To The World

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Discover Keys To Connecting Your Voice In Alignment With Heaven
To Impact Your Sphere of INFLUENCE! 

FOR LEADERS passionate to find their voice so they can be a catalyst  as an influencer in their sphere or calling impacting their sphere of influence

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Find THE Keys To Align Your Voice To Get Over The Tension To Be Released Forward. The World Is Waiting To Hear Your Voice!


Theresa Croft

Author and Mentor Theresa Croft
helps you: Find Your Voice.
Share Your Voice. Market Your Voice

STOP!  So, What Is This Webinar Replay Really About...
And What Will I Actually Learn?
 Clues To You Connecting
Teaching on how your identity is wired to finding your true voice

Showing you how can get pasts trauma to be able to hear from God

Unlocking you from fear so you can connect to your field of favor for your voice!

Discovering how you can be authentic with your voice.

Helping non-writers find their voice.

Unlocking the real you to find the authentic voice given to you.

How To Connect To Heaven
Connecting your voice to be a Kingdom influencer in the 7 Mountains...

The steps to assure you Connect to Holy Spirit in the Authenticity of God as you grow in relationship intimately to walk in excellence displaying the Kingdom.
Find your voice! Share your voice! Market your voice!

Hello! My name is Theresa Croft

I’m an author of the devotional "Listen To The Vinedresser: 31 Declarations of Who You Are In The Vine" Volume 1 and 2.

I'm also a mentor and social media consultant passionate to help leaders like you find your voice so you can be a catalyst for the Kingdom of God with the capacity to be an influencer in you sphere or calling.

For the past 10 years I have been helping leaders who know their purpose is wired into their very DNA with the fire and talents to coach, teach, speak, sing, write and create to spread their message. ©  2019     Privacy Policy   |    Copyright Notice |
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