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Learn How YOU Can Walk With A Powerful Voice So You Can Avoid Cycle Of Fear And Trauma 

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You Are Tired Of Your Emotions Being Fried, Tried And Crucified
Are you tired of the cyclonic high-jacked emotions?

Do you wonder if it's possible to live with peace amidst relationship turmoil?

 Have your tried what you feel like is everything and still lacking direction?
Is Your Life In A Whirlwind Of Despair...
I understand the strain of this pain which seems like nothing but a roadblock to your destiny.
Are you worn out from the strain of your pain in trying to pursue only that which you think is possible.

 You seem to always run out of time and money with your life feeling like it's in a pressure cooker.

. Every morning you get up feeling like a hundred pounds of pressure are on your back.
"I Understand...I Found Some Secrets To Live In The Sweet Spot Of Purpose And Destiny...."
I have had a vision for my life and found steps to walk in it...

Even when it was so difficult to take my hands off the throttle of my heart that wanted to rev forward out of control only to put me in the ash of an orphan crash.

All the pressuring pain and drama of the trauma lead me to the solution...

I have a dream..to Equip and Empower thousands of men and women to find their true voice so they can create momentum to walk in their own breakthrough in their purpose!
How I Found My Voice
I Have Felt The Pain Of The Shame Game....
I remember the feeling of losing my voice and direction even amidst being a radio announcer at a Christian Radio Station....

Then I retired. 

Then I crashed into the abyss of hopelessness and loss of purpose.

I searched everywhere and one day in my time reading the Bible my heart locked on to the story of the widow in 2 Kings Chapter 4:  What did I have in my house I mused? 

I had a computer! So, after one year of failure in a home business making cold calls, I went to studying in another direction online.

I loved it. My desire was to not just make money and help my family. My deep down longing was to make enough to retire my then very busy husband who physically worked so hard in drywall and then in building custom homes. 

I went into performance mode.

This include long hours in a journey of crashing failure all around me.

I persisted spending long hours early in the morning studying key marketing principles before waking my children to take them to school.

I eventually landed a major job as a social media director of who I’d call an ideal client. I soon got lost in myself helping this client be a major influencer online.

I was spinning out like a doodle bug in every direction "performing" for this business. I became full of myself as I was able to work tirelessly long hours and found great results for the client. This came at the expense of my family and my interior world, leaving my soul ravaged and unattended.

Half-way through this venture my husband quietly said...

"Theresa, you are losing your voice."

Even though I was quite agitated at that statement, I continued on working on their voice and left my own voice sealed up and silent. All my writing, videoing and speaking was dropped. 

Then it happened. They unexpectedly dropped me after over two years of long hours of work.

I hit a wall.

It was in this low dark place that I realized just how my identity was really messed up.

It was horrible. I held it together by putting a mask on hiding my fears. But often my brooding emotions came unleashed, attacking my nerves like bees on honey. 

As I was stung I became undone. 
Just like when I failed to get my professional golf card in my younger days, I took on the battle of shame and the crush of losing my voice.

The orphan in me was lost. The interior of my soul was annihilated and left in shattered pieces. My true self of issues were NOT resolved. What spilled out was more fear, a poverty spirit, shame, rejection and failure.

As I was a walking emotional wreck inside, God started to talk to me in the Words of the Vinedresser in John 15 like He had years before I took on this client. I went back to writing (blogging) and shooting videos as I began trying to find my voice…again. 

The crush brought me face to face with a loving Father. I started to embrace and receive His love from an abiding place. I came to understand He was in my voice.  My voice could then be released from the perfume of His Presence. He became my passion as I was held in the grip of grace.

The Light Bulb Of God's Presence
Then a light came on when one day my husband said again to me something profound.

"Theresa. You are a spirit being having a human experience."

That put me on a exciting journey of learning the meaning of this revelation resulting in the complete package of God's goodness being unpacked providing keys to find and redeem my voice.

I found the steps to personal strength through the path of decrees and declarations.

I found walking in my spirit identity was bringing true freedom in all areas of my life, especially at home with my husband and grown children.

Truth from the Word lit up my heart and my life as I started to shift my belief system to believe what He said about me concerning my identity.. 

This started me on the repair, restore and rebuild process of my voice....
I Invite You To Join Me in The Kingdom Mentor Academy Featuring The Redeem Your Voice Camp
Theresa Croft
Theresa Croft
 Hi Friend, 
Hello! My name is Theresa Croft

I’m an speaker, author and mentor helping leaders find their voice so they can have the capacity to be an influencer in their sphere or calling.

I help women find their voice through the process of repairing relationships, restoring trauma, shame, and rejection leading to clarity in purpose from their true identity.
Without the help from the Kingdom Mentor Academy featuring the Redeem Your Voice Camp, you may find yourself stuck with the anxiety and fear of wondering if you can ever find your voice again; If you ever can walk out your purpose with balance of emotions to your struggles. 

With it, you can find Kingdom principles  concerning your real  identity so you can you go forward in abundance to live from your identity, in the sweet spot, in the Vine of your destiny.   

Your Destiny Is Not Broke!
Find Your Voice!
Share Your Voice!
This Is A Special Black Friday Price.
Destiny Is Found In Community: In The Vine Family Time
 In Addition You Will Discover
Limited Time Offer
  •  Discover the ONE place of breakthrough in the "house of wine"-identity!
  • Learn how to connect the "hum" of your voice to heaven with declarations which shifts the atmosphere for a release into your true identity!
  • Be shown how you how can get pasts trauma and walk in soul health so you can experience clarity in your voice/passion.
  • Be Unlocked from fear to be the real you: authenticity!
  •  Discover how to rekindle your dreams. Your voice comes out of your dreaming..from childhood to today.
  • Understand your calling!  You feel deep down, in your very DNA, a calling. It might be to teach speak, write, create to impact the 7 Mountains of influence: Government, Education, Religion, Family, Arts & Entertainment, or Media.
  •  Reconnect with a community. This Voice Camp allows you to connect with a real community that will support you and pray for you. 
  • ​Discover the powerful keys to walk out in Amos 9:11 for the repair, restore, and rebuild process to victory.
  •  Discover the secrets from guest speakers each week.
Our Ceiling Is Your Floor--Don't Walk Alone
Price Is Locked And Will Never Increase For You-Includes Bonuses
Includes Special Interviews With Influencers, Authors, Speakers, Influencers, Counselors, Ministers
Special Guest Influencer Interviews:  Firebrand Pastor Dave Croft: Pastor, Prophetic Voice and Teacher.  Jenn Stockman: Author of War On Your Voice & Director of 1st Year Bethel Atlanta School of the Supernatural. Roma Waterman:  an award winning singer/songwriter, worship leader, speaker and author from Melbourne, Australia. 
Betsy Jacobs: writer, speaker, and life consultant/development coach....and more
Bonuses....With The Kingdom Mentor Academy
Bonus includes access to the Kingdom Mentor Academy. The Spirit Identity Video Course, Kingdom Media Course: Creating Your Facebook Page, and a One Hour Consult with Theresa Croft and weekly declarations with a word from The Vinedresser to download!

Testimonies Of Lives Changed From Actual Clients

And More Testimonies ....

 Get Unlocked From Your Destiny
This Could BE The KEY!

The Kingdom Mentor Academy
 Featuring The Redeem Your Voice Camp

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