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You have a voice. Don’t freak out amidst the process

Your days have purpose amidst weary days.  From despair to devastation, you can still find purpose! The process can be the pressure to produce fruit in your life that someone else needs.

It’s part of a shift. It’s time for the Father’s Heart to be released to you! 

Someone in the dark is waiting for you to speak a word to them.

Amidst the squeeze and pressure you feel, He is there. His Word says He perfects that which concerns Him (Psalm 138). You concern Him. After all He is the author and perfecter of your faith! (Hebrews 12:2)

The Word says His promises have abundant life attached. He is all about you walking in joy and peace.

You are not forgotten. You carry great value. You are needed. You are anointed.


 Your voice is the core of who you are. It’s directly linked to the One who called you and infused in your very DNA a specific purpose, a defined destiny.

Your voice is the sum of who you think you are; who other people think you are; and who you really are in all your authenticity. 

The more those three elements come together as one, the more you will understand your true identity in Him.

Your voice contains every dream, every hope, every passion of your heart for walking in your true destiny.

Your voice, joined with your faith, can move mountains; It can speak out against injustice; Your voice can bring hope to a
hurting soul; It can bring peace to a war torn world; Your voice can provide an answer to pain.

Your voice is the much needed salt to a world who has lost hope for a loving meal at THE FATHER'S TABLE.

Join us on a journey at the Kingdom Mentor Academy with the Redeem Your Voice Camp.
Discover What You Receive In The Redeem Your Voice Camp
 In Addition You Will Discover
Voice Camp Is Currently Closed
  •  Discover the ONE place of breakthrough in the "house of wine"-identity!
  • Learn how to connect the "hum" of your voice to heaven with declarations which shifts the atmosphere for a release into your true identity!
  • Be shown how you how can get pasts trauma and walk in soul health so you can experience clarity in your voice/passion.
  • Be Unlocked from fear to be the real you: authenticity!
  •  Discover how to rekindle your dreams. Your voice comes out of your dreaming..from childhood to today.
  • Understand your calling!  You feel deep down, in your very DNA, a calling. It might be to teach speak, write, create to impact the 7 Mountains of influence: Government, Education, Religion, Family, Arts & Entertainment, or Media.
  •  Reconnect with a community. This Voice Camp allows you to connect with a real community that will support you and pray for you. 
  • ​Discover how you share your voice with special social media classes: How To Publish Your Book ON Amazon; Facebook 101: Instagram 101: Video Marketing Training; Live Video Training; Funnels....
  •  Discover the secrets from guest speakers each week.
Access To This Private Redeem Your Voice Camp Open
For A Limited Time
Closes August 9th at 12:59 PM

Let Theresa Help You Find Your Voice

Theresa Croft is an author, mentor and social media consultant passionate to help leaders find their voice so they can be a catalyst for the Kingdom of God as an influencer in their sphere or calling. 

The Redeem Your Voice Bootcamp contains valuable steps to restore your identity and set you securely in a place where your voice can be heard, you can tell your story, share your message....and change your sphere of influence. 

As a prophetic mentor Theresa has seen many of her clients gain the confidence to walk out their true identity with the confidence to fulfill their God given dreams and destinie

Our Ceiling Is Your Floor--Don't Walk Alone
Price Is Locked And Will Never Increase For You-Includes Bonuses
Includes Special Interviews With Influencers, Authors, Speakers, Influencers, Counselors, Ministers
Special Guest Influencer Interviews:  Firebrand Pastor Dave Croft; DC Moore: Author & Speaker; Jenn Stockman: Author of War On Your Voice & Director of 1st Year Bethel Atlanta School of the Supernatural; Meredith Thomas: Worship Leader & Revival Pastor; Penny Tucker: Master Equipper of Christian Healing Certification Program (CHCP) and a Apostolic Network of Global Awakening.
Bonuses: Value Of Over $1100.00
Bonus includes access to the Kingdom Mentor Academy. The Spirit Identity Video Course, Kingdom Media Course: Creating Your Facebook Page, and a One Hour Consult with Theresa Croft and weekly declarations with a word from The Vinedresser to download!
Also Featuring These Bonuses
Declaration Work Book
21 Day Prayer Devotional
Adult Coloring Book of
With Mentor, Life Speaker Author Theresa Croft including guest appearance from her husband, Firebrand Dave
"Our Ceiling Is Your Floor. Our Breakthroughs Are Your Breakthroughs....Let Us Come Alongside You...."
Hear The Word From Clients...
"Theresa, thank you for being a repairer of the breach and the restorer of streets to dwell in! So many people are thankful for the impact you’ve had on their lives. All of the Vinedresser words are amazing. Exactly, they are timeless…Mighty, anointed words. I feel like you and Dave have been preparing the Land of victory for people..”"
Ryan & Jonell Betancur
Voice Camp/KMA
'I'm so in awe of what God is doing in and through Theresa . I remember The Holy Spirit showing me the Vinedresser about 4 years ago....This year he redirected me back and now I see why. At first HE wanted me to do a program....  to shed off my old habits, hurts and hangups stripping away my character defects, God calls them
 Now I can see and feel more of his filling in my life."
Jackie Walton
Voice Camp/KMA
"Ever since I met Theresa and Dave Croft, I have been so excited to be ministered by them. The teaching on identity has opened my eyes as to who I am in Christ. 
Truth speaks thru them by the word and thru prophecies from the Lord. I have changed and know now who I am. The devotional teachings and the sessions thru the Vinedresser has been helpful in my life. Love you both very much."
Elva Ramirez
Upper Level Father Sync/KMA
Upper Level/Kingdom Mentor Academy/Voice Camp Testimonies
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